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Thursday, November 18, 2010

End of Another FCE Year


The end of the school year is approaching for my FCE and BEC Vantage courses. They will be sitting for their exams in a couple of weeks. For both, teachers and students alike, these are days with lots of work mixed with reflections and a sense of farewell, which is never the part I like.

Time is blue fceblog

While my FCE students were speaking in class today, I couldn't help noticing how much they've grown. Do they realise? They sound much more confident with the language in spite of the inevitable errors here and there. They look calm and yet excited about the challenge ahead. I think that if they could access to a film about the exam date details, they'd ask to watch it! Only to perpetuate insecurity and exam nerves. But that is far from what I want them to focus on.

I needed them to stop thinking about exam dates, rooms and strict regulations. So I asked them if they would like to be part of my next year class. I said that with a years' experience of sweating towards improving their foreign language skills, I consider them experts who can provide valuable advice to my next year students. So, why not Skype them in sometime?

Most of them said yes immediately. Others were pondering whatever that Skype call could look like.

I expanded. As my new courses will share the inherited writing Corpus wiki, future students may like the way they write and wonder how well they did at the exam, what kind of tips they would be able to give, etc. In short, they could be either interviewed or consulted as mentors.

The look on their faces when they heard the idea is still on my mind.

Hey teachers who also read this blog,
Have you ever asked your students to teach with you next year?
Do. It's worth it.

I must say is I'm glad this course started with success and ends with a seed of a project.

I want to give a special thank you to all of my 2010 FCE and BEC Vantage students for their enthusiasm, patience and commitment to carry on. You've certainly been a pleasure to work with. Remember the door of the blog is open for you to carry on learning at your pace. If you feel so inclined, leave us a comment.

For some, I can add that I'll catch up with you all on Twitter or the Facebook page.

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