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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Grammar Exercises

Sometimes I wonder what visitors expect to find in this blog for First Certificate. I imagine them googling and landing here in search of learning, tips and practice.

Just think. All of those students alone with a computer searching for exercises to improve their English. Just like you. Now, isn't it a pity we don't share our findings?

This morning I woke up with world domination plans and thought it would be fantastic to pull the results of those searches and share them.

Like it?
OK. Let's take over the world!

The action plan
1) Create a delicious account. See this post about online bookmarks with delicious.
2) Save all of the practice exercises you do online. We are also looking for songs to illustrate grammar points.
2) Share away. Be sure to use the tag tagtastic for all bookmarks to be included in this grammar exercises project.

How fantagtastic!

Some help to get started
Where shall I start looking for exercises?
Here is a binder with some websites specialized in ESL or EFL exercises.
How do I find songs to help me learn grammar?
My students think of them all of the time in class. They make spontaneous associations while I teach grammar. If your memory is not so musical, you can try searching "example sentences" + lyrics + "your favourite band" in Google.

Thoughts? Questions? All welcome.

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  • Mmm… let me see if I understood. Tagtastic is only for grammar? If I find something interesting in the web, like an on-line dictionary or a page for phrasal verbs practice can I use the tag “tagtastic”? But only “tagtastic”? Or can I add other tag, like “dictionary” or “phrasal_verbs” and “tagtastic?

    By Blogger Lorena, At 10:00 pm  

  • Hi Claudia!!! I love your blog!! I'll try and create one for my students and for the rest of the English learning community. I'm having a look at your blog and listening to the conference you gave on Saturday at e-dutraining!! Thanks for sharing your great ideas with us, teachers!!!
    Andrea Fernandez

    By Blogger Andrea Fernandez, At 4:40 pm  

  • @Lorena
    Let's say that we use the tag tagtastic for everything you save in your delicious account in connection with learning or studying English. We can subscribe to the tag and see what you're saving. Grammar is just a start.

    Thank you. I enjoyed the conversation last Saturday. Posting comments and updates here:
    Let me know about your blog project when it's out in the open.

    By Blogger Claudia Ceraso, At 4:56 pm  

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