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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Our Two Facebook Spots

To: All fcebloggers, my dear students, teachers and people who generally love learning.
From: Claudia- (also known as fceblog)
Subject: It's official. We have two Facebook spots!

Dear All,
This is not strictly new. In April 2009 I decided to open a couple of places in Facebook to keep in touch with FCE students. It surprises me to see people finding it on their own. I thought it was about time to announce it here as well.

The FCE Blog is extending its online presence.

Welcome everyone to the group! This is a new online adventure. It's about leaving digital footprints. It all started in March 2006 with this blog, then a Corpus wiki, now Facebook... We'll see how this develops.

I thought it would be a good idea to start by joining some of my former students, now FB friends, who have always been a source of inspiration. Thank you all for joining. For the new FCE generations, I guess it is better to have a meeting point which does not oblige us to befriend each other to have a conversation.

-Why Facebook? you ask.
-Why not?

OK. Several reasons.
1- Although Facebook was not created to support learning, I know there are many lurkers who like this blog, but do not actively choose to participate of a blogosphere. There is no need for them to do so. They are spending time connecting and networking on Facebook. Learning is a conversation, I would like to extend this conversation of autonomous learning to where you are already.

2. Privacy
Why befriend the teacher? Why befriend all of my new classmates when I hardly know them? Facebook groups allow us to stay connected, yet not sharing all of our online space visibility.

3. This is about you
This blog has been my own printing press.
The wiki, my own class
Facebook group is all about you.

4. International voices and collaboration
So I look forward to seeing your interests, hearing your voices. If we find a resonance, we'll stick together.
Hope it becomes the spot where an international project springs (with a little help of a teacher somewhere...).

I have always been pleasantly surprised by people wanting to connect in order to learn. I'm ready for more. What do you say?

All best,

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