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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Organising your Revison

Exam Day is Approaching

So you have done your studying. You are at home surrounded by a coursebook, past papers and notes –hopefully legible ones. And the fceblog, of course! It’s time to get organised.

  • Keep focused

Learning a foreign language is all about making it yours. This is precisely what the oral examiners and corrector are after: how far you have gone in the path of internalising the sounds, the words, the structures and the ways you organise them in English. It is not about showing off how well informed you are, but how naturally you use the language -within FCE level.

  • Understand what revision is about

Revision is all about helping you to consolidate knowledge as well as managing the exam nerves. We’ve all been through that and, perhaps, the right amount of anxiety makes you sound more interested, write and review more accurately –nothing to complain about. There is a positive side to it.

  • Plan and stick to it

You may feel there is not that much time left to learn, yet there is no time to lose. Decide what you will do and make your schedule. Remember to allow yourself some free time, particularly the day before the exam. Tired minds do not work well.

Have a look at these Revision Tips from the British Council:

This is a Cambridge site with plenty of advice on exam taking techniques. It is not originally meant for FCE students but the content points still apply. You will find a helpful guide to what to do before, during and even after the exam!

Get organised! Big day is approaching...

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