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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Five Things About Me

Allow Me to Introduce Myself

There is a meme game that has been linking the blogosphere all round the world. Each blogger who accepts the invitation must reveal five things most people don’t know about them. Then they pass the ball over by tagging five other bloggers.

Now I re-read the About Me column on my blog sidebar. Definitely one the most formal introductions I’ve ever seen on a blog for students. Perhaps even out of place. I apologise. This game Teacher Dude has tagged me into is a great opportunity to break the ice.

I guess it can’t be too difficult to play. This blog has always been focused on guiding students with an FCE level of English and beyond –certainly little has been said about the teacher blogger.

Here it goes.

1. My first English class was a turning point in my life. At 12 I was fascinated about a bilingual reporter on TV who interviewed people in French. I started raving about learning French. There were no French teachers in my home town then, so my mother suggested English lessons instead. I went unwillingly. First class, the private teacher asked for my copybook, wrote the date, the verb to be, the main contractions and a list of vocabulary. Then she instructed I should memorise it for the next class. Oddly enough, I felt great the whole hour, noticing how much the teacher enjoyed her job. The moment I left the class I said to my surprised Mom: 'I want to be a teacher of English'. Never had a second thought about it. Little did I imagine then I would teach so differently now. But you see, it is all in the passion; not the method.

2. I have this uncommon ability: I am ambidextrous -I can write with both hands. Except for making a student or two laugh, I believe it is a totally useless ability. Instead, touch typing is a blessing -particularly when I must translate 2500 words at a sitting before a deadline.

3. I dislike chocolate. Intensely. Genetics doesn’t explain it. My whole family loves chocolate. It’s just a me-only thing.

4. One of my favourite novels is The French Lieutenant’s Woman by John Fowles (If only I could write like him!). In Jan 1997, my dream came true: I went to Lyme Regis to visit the novel and film setting. Walked alone on the Cobb, but Jeremy Irons never turned up. So odd. I went back to Broad St, got into the Fossil Shop and bought a beautiful Dactylioceras Commune, which is always next to me on my desk while I blog.

5. I admire the motivation and courage my students have to sit for exams. I confess I went straight into TEFL College without ever sitting for the FCE!

I think not even my own students knew all this. Come to think of it, they never asked.

Now my turn to tag…

Well, I have noticed the work of some Argentine teachers of English who also blog for their students. All I know about them is their passionate work, which only makes me want to know more about these people. So I’d like to tag Rita Zeinstejer , Claudia Bellusci and Alicia Rey.

Also Michael in Rome, because I can tell from his blog we are like-minded in many ways .

That makes four. Mmm, I should choose one more to play this meme well.

Two minutes later…

And last but not least, I’d love to tag one of those many silent viewers of the fceblog who have decided to save it on

Consider yourself tagged!




  • Rita has answered the Five Things... invite in blogging record time!

    Not only that, Rita has granted us the rare honour of kicking off a new blog with the post on the meme. She announces it will be her main blog where all her work will converge.

    Let me say that Rita is an experienced EFL teacher and researcher, a true pioneer of blogging in Argentina.

    You can read Rita's Five Things here.

    By Blogger Claudia Ceraso, At 1:02 pm  

  • One more thing (the 6th one):

    Whenever I write something I never do what I always instruct my students to do: CHECK AND DOUBLE CHECK!!! So please forgive spelling and grammar mistakes as I clicked on "submit" in the previous post without reading what I had just typed.

    (do what I say but not what I do...)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 1:05 pm  

  • Hi

    This is my "MEME"

    Hope to keep in touch


    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 9:55 am  

  • Alicia

    I think you are the first one in all the blogosphere to answer the Five Things Meme with a video.

    I like the idea to invite our students to join us revealing five things few people know about them!

    Nice meeting you -virtually. We are now in touch.


    By Blogger Claudia Ceraso, At 10:06 am  

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