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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Audio Books

Let Someone Else Tell You Stories

Audio books are certainly a way of getting more FCE listening practice. Some of you will probably find that you "read" more with the aid of an iPod or iTunes.

As suggested by Teacher Dude in his comment, audio books can help you read a lot faster. Find his related posting in his blog with reading lists and his students comments on the use of audio books here and here.

Do I need any software to download audio books?
Yes, check out these sites:

Where can I get audio books?
There are sites offering them for free -or at least most of their content. Have a look at this list:
Classic Audio Books
Audio books for free
Free books on mp3
Literal Systems

What about the accents I will hear?
This is something that will change from book to book. Notice that some are human narrated recordings and others are made using text to speech voices.

Need a recommendation to read? Well, this is precisely where your comments can help other readers, isn't it?

Enjoy your reading, I mean, listening!

Note: As usual with material you download from the internet, make sure you read and understand the license terms and respect author's copyright. Those terms may vary from site to site. Watch out!

Picture credit: Steve Crane under a Creative Commons license.

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  • Hello Claudia !

    I wish you a very happy new year full of succes and happiness and prosperity.

    I want also to thank you for your advises, which I read recently in your blog for the 2006 , students . I want to download some audio books for the March ,2007 FCE exam , so what do you advice me my dear teacher ? you know teacher sometimes I feel mixed feeling of fear and selfconfidence , I don't know why , perhaps , since I am a free condidate ! Please help me to be more confident ! and if you don't mind , connect me to some of your students who succeded in 2006 FCE .

    Great many thanks for all your efforts and advices !

    All the best wishes from Algeria


    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 7:41 pm  

  • Thank you Mustafa for your words. It is a big effort to prepare the FCE on your own. You are an autonomous learner -no doubt.

    Now, Mustafa would like to contact people by e-mail. Because of my privacy policy here, I will not publish your e-mail addresses. If you include it in a comment, I'll certainly moderate.

    So this is what we will do:
    If you are interested in exchanging correspondence with an fceblogger, write to me at
    fceblog AT gmail DOT com
    and I will connect you.

    Invitation done. Let's see...

    By Blogger Claudia Ceraso, At 7:56 pm  

  • Hello Claudia!

    Thank you very much for your coment!!

    I'm looking throughy* your blogs right now and I think they will be very helpful for my learning.

    I hope you continue readind my blog too!

    See you,


    *is this the correct use for "looking throught"?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 9:03 am  

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