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Monday, May 14, 2007

The FCE Blog: A Tutor Blog

What is this blog anyway?
Am I teaching here? Is this a teachers' blog? I am certainly not giving any homework. That is for sure. If you ask me, I would just say this is a blog for students -which teachers may like of course. Some of them have commented they have found inspiration here.

I believe blogs are meant to foster reflection and create conversations; therefore, it is the target reader that defines them. Yet, the best teachers are lifelong learners who can always remain learners. So, to be more precise, this blog is from a learner to learners. Wherever you are.

We are pleased to announce to our readers that The FCE Blog has been included as the Tutor blog example in the book How to Teach English with Technology. The book is part of the 'How to...' series directed by Jeremy Harmer and was published by Longman Pearson on 30 April 2007.

Teachers who read the book will probably need concrete examples of what blogs can do in ELT. You will read there about Carla and Dennis with their fantastic International Exchange blog.

This is how we are introduced:
'A blog set up and maintained by a teacher is known as a tutor blog. The teacher may decide to allow their learners to write comments in the blog. The one on page 89 (top) is an example of a tutor blog set up by a teacher in Argentina for her Cambridge First Certificate Examination preparation class. In the blog she provides study tips, reviews class work and provides extra links on specific topics such as pronunciation.'

From: Chapter 7 'Blogs, Wikis and Podcasts' page 87.

A Reflection
I started this blog on my own in March 2006. I gradually got to know I am part of a lively and ever growing community of ELT bloggers. Here are some of my teachers.

The FCE Blog...A tutor blog...

Hmmm. What do you learners think?

I would like to thank the Authors Gavin Dudeney and Nicky Hockly for their positive revision of our work. A special thanks to Katy Wright, Pearson Publisher, for her kindness in our email exchanges.

Longman Pearson has offered to make a donation to a charity of my choice in acknowledgment of the permission to reproduce a screenshot of the fceblog. The money donated will benefit the intensive care unit at Hospital de Rehabilitación Respiratoria 'María Ferrer' in Buenos Aires. For all they have done for Daniel -to whom this blog is dedicated.


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  • These words are to Claudia's 2006 FCE class,

    Claudia must have taught you lots of structures, vocabulary, must have given you lots of reading practice, listening practice; must have corrected your papers. And I know she did it well, but this is just what we teachers are supposed to do. She could have been satisfied with that.

    However, she went beyond and she pushed you beyond, too; she encouraged you to have an experience -not many teachers can do that. You went through this blogging experience and, I imagine, you learnt more than the English required to pass an exam.

    You were her first readers and her actual, corporeal, real, tangible, material students. Congratulations for this recognition.

    By Blogger Gabriela Sellart, At 11:38 pm  

  • Dear Claudia: Congratulations on the recognition of your work! I am very happy that your blog has been cited in How to Teach English with Technology(I am reading it at present).
    Love from La Plata

    By Blogger Prof. Nelba Quintana- La Plata- Argentina, At 10:51 pm  

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