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Friday, January 26, 2007

Exam Results

How to Access your Cambridge ESOL Results Online

As announced in this February 2006 edition of Cambridge First magazine, it is now possible for students to know their exam results on the web:

Candidates taking Main Suite (KET, PET, FCE, CAE and CPE) or BEC (Preliminary, Vantage and Higher) exams can now access their results as soon as they are released, using a secure web-based service.

With results available from midnight on the release date, candidates can immediately find out how they have done, wherever they are in the world. This means that candidates studying away from home, on holiday, or far from their exam centre no longer have to wait for results posted from the centre.”

It is important to note that many Cambridge ESOL authorised centres in the world have yet to register to gain access to this service. You should have received notice of this together with the release date with your exam citation.

Here is the URL to access your exam results. Please copy & paste in your browser. (See*Note)

Bear in mind that the whole world wants to know their results as soon as they are released, so the page is bound to be overcrowded. A little patience will do.

Once you access the site, you will have to register

  • Enter your ID number and secret number (given by your exam centre).
  • Next enter your e-mail address and password that you have to create.
  • Agree to the Terms of Use
  • Check the ‘submit' button

You will then go to the login screen

  • Enter your ID number again and the password you have created
  • Your result will be on the homepage
  • Click the Statement of Result button to see how you have done in each paper

If you want, you can print it to show your family while you wait for the official certificates to arrive.

Next essential steps...

  • You might as well jump for joy at the good news.
  • Text or email all of your friends and/or enemies
  • Come back to the fceblog and let the world know how you did!

(In case the emotion obliterates our URL from your mind, you can enter “fceblog” in Google).

*Note: The URL is not hyperlinked in accordance to the Terms of Use of the Results site which state the following under the section Links:

"3.2. You may not create any hypertext link to the Site (excepting adding a Candidate Results Service page to your browser's Favorites/Bookmark file)."

Accessibility: The site appears hyperlinked in the Cambridge First magazine cited above at the end of the article.

Picture credit: Jonny Baker under a Creative Commons license


FCE Blog Newsletter

Feature Article

I just wanted to share with you a bit of the buzz, I mean, news related to this blog.

I have been interviewed by Karina Crespo, a teacher from, the Argentine government educational weblog.

I was asked to talk about some ideas behind this FCE Blog project:

  • How it was born
  • How this blog works with my FCE class and my students
  • How I view the impact of Web 2.0 tools on teaching and learning

I enjoyed meeting Karina for this e-mail interview. I would like to thank her very much for her encouraging comments and for publishing my words without a single change.

Here is the link to the interview in Spanish

For those interested in blog archeology/history or, let’s say, just curious about what I said, I am posting a translation into English in my teacher’s blog ELT Notes.



Thursday, January 25, 2007

Five Things About Me

Allow Me to Introduce Myself

There is a meme game that has been linking the blogosphere all round the world. Each blogger who accepts the invitation must reveal five things most people don’t know about them. Then they pass the ball over by tagging five other bloggers.

Now I re-read the About Me column on my blog sidebar. Definitely one the most formal introductions I’ve ever seen on a blog for students. Perhaps even out of place. I apologise. This game Teacher Dude has tagged me into is a great opportunity to break the ice.

I guess it can’t be too difficult to play. This blog has always been focused on guiding students with an FCE level of English and beyond –certainly little has been said about the teacher blogger.

Here it goes.

1. My first English class was a turning point in my life. At 12 I was fascinated about a bilingual reporter on TV who interviewed people in French. I started raving about learning French. There were no French teachers in my home town then, so my mother suggested English lessons instead. I went unwillingly. First class, the private teacher asked for my copybook, wrote the date, the verb to be, the main contractions and a list of vocabulary. Then she instructed I should memorise it for the next class. Oddly enough, I felt great the whole hour, noticing how much the teacher enjoyed her job. The moment I left the class I said to my surprised Mom: 'I want to be a teacher of English'. Never had a second thought about it. Little did I imagine then I would teach so differently now. But you see, it is all in the passion; not the method.

2. I have this uncommon ability: I am ambidextrous -I can write with both hands. Except for making a student or two laugh, I believe it is a totally useless ability. Instead, touch typing is a blessing -particularly when I must translate 2500 words at a sitting before a deadline.

3. I dislike chocolate. Intensely. Genetics doesn’t explain it. My whole family loves chocolate. It’s just a me-only thing.

4. One of my favourite novels is The French Lieutenant’s Woman by John Fowles (If only I could write like him!). In Jan 1997, my dream came true: I went to Lyme Regis to visit the novel and film setting. Walked alone on the Cobb, but Jeremy Irons never turned up. So odd. I went back to Broad St, got into the Fossil Shop and bought a beautiful Dactylioceras Commune, which is always next to me on my desk while I blog.

5. I admire the motivation and courage my students have to sit for exams. I confess I went straight into TEFL College without ever sitting for the FCE!

I think not even my own students knew all this. Come to think of it, they never asked.

Now my turn to tag…

Well, I have noticed the work of some Argentine teachers of English who also blog for their students. All I know about them is their passionate work, which only makes me want to know more about these people. So I’d like to tag Rita Zeinstejer , Claudia Bellusci and Alicia Rey.

Also Michael in Rome, because I can tell from his blog we are like-minded in many ways .

That makes four. Mmm, I should choose one more to play this meme well.

Two minutes later…

And last but not least, I’d love to tag one of those many silent viewers of the fceblog who have decided to save it on

Consider yourself tagged!