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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Breaking News

Reading on the Web: Newspapers

Reading is not only a pleasure but also a wonderful way of improving your vocabulary. So choosing carefully what you read might help you to have the vocabulary you want.

I simply love reading the news on the web. It is instant, always updated, and a way to travel far. You decide when you start, what news you want and you can easily avoid commercials!

I’d like to share with you a few links to read news from Britain and the United States. It is an interesting exercise to read the same piece of news published on both sides of the Atlantic and compare. You will see how different British and American English can be.


BBC NEWS | News Front Page
World, UK and Business news and comment from The Times and The Sunday Times, Times Online
Guardian Unlimited | UK Latest
The Daily Telegraph
Finantial Times

US - News & Information Homepage - U.S. Home
The Washington Post
The New York Times - Breaking News, World News & Multimedia : Miami & Ft. Lauderdale News, Weather, Dolphins & More

There are sites publishing news from Argentina in English. When it comes to economy, we need words to describe what is going on and they are not easily found in a dictionary.

Buenos Aires Herald

On another posting... we can discuss magazines on the web.

Are you reading anything that you would like to recommend?

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  • Hi to everybody!! It´s me Gaston The Great. I would like to recommend some sites to read worldwide newspapers. I think it is very interesting because one could be informed about news and how life developed in other countries, for example East or Middle East countries, Northern Europe, UK countries (apart from England, Australia & New Zealand, etc. Please visit the following sites: (the site deals with US newspapers & worldwide) (worldwide newspapers) (from the National Library of Australia)

    I see you on Thursday. Gastón

    By Blogger Gastón Russo, At 9:45 am  

  • Good sites indeed, Gastón. works as a search engine for newspapers all round the world. I agree with you that reading newspapers can broaden your knowledge of ways of life elsewhere. We are sometimes too focused on local news, are we not?

    Just one correction: the URL of the National Library of Australia is

    Refdesk deserves more space in a future posting. More about that later on.

    By Blogger Claudia Ceraso, At 11:24 am  

  • The Yahoo link to Argentina news has changed to:

    By Blogger Claudia Ceraso, At 11:46 am  

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