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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Background Reading Texts

Background Reading Texts

In option 5 of the writing paper, you will find a question to be answered based on the reading of a set text. You are expected to provide evidence of this not by retelling the story, but by description and discussion. Your mark will depend more on how much control of the language you show than on the ideas or interpretation conveyed.

The Cambridge ESOL set books for 2006 are:

  • 1984 –George Orwell (Penguin Readers or any edition)
  • The Prisoner of Zenda –Anthony Hope (Penguin Readers or any edition)

  • Pride and Prejudice –Jane Austen (Penguin Readers or any edition)
  • The Citadel –A.J. Cronin (Penguin Readers or any edition)
  • Three Adventures of Sherlock Holmes—Arthur Conan Doyle (Penguin Readers)

All five readers are optional, but it is advisable for students to read at least two of them. The publishers are all suggested by Cambridge ESOL.

One of the books will be chosen by AACI to be discussed in class. Some of the listed books are available online in full form with interesting summaries and comments. Browsing before buying might be a good idea. Here are some sites to read either the full text or critical comments on them:


Full text
About George Orwell
Study guide

The Prisoner of Zenda

Full text
Online reading and downloadable book

Pride and Prejudice

Full text
Online reading and downloadable book
Study guide

The Citadel

Book review

Sherlock Holmes

Collections of short stories

More Sherlock Holmes links here.

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Where to get the books
Some specialised bookstores in Buenos Aires

Used books. Good opportunities to buy dictionaries

Fairly complete listing of booksellers in Buenos Aires with their addresses and telephone numbers:


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