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Monday, July 24, 2006



Sample Answers Awards

The fceblog is pleased to announce the winners of the first edition of the Sample Answers Awards. The student judges –whose articles were also scrutinised- have had a hard time deciding on the three best pieces out of twelve contestants. Evaluation was done in class. Articles were assessed bearing in mind the following FCE exam criteria:

  • Content: the candidate did what he was supposed to do in no more than 200 words
  • Accuracy: the fewer grammar mistakes, the better
  • Range: variety of language used
  • Organisation and Cohesion: clear organisation and paragraph distribution
  • Appropriacy of Register: fairly informal style expected for this task
  • Target Reader: should be informed and entertained. (We certainly were)

And the awards go to...

1st prize. Unanimous decision!

Categories won: Best Balanced Paragraphs; Structural Variety (perceived as pleasurable reading); Clearest Handwriting (perfectly legible –made our reading much easier)

Author: Gustavo

“I’ve always wanted to fly”

Have you ever thought about flying like a bird? Sure most of us have. The good news is that flying is no longer impossible for simple human beings as we are. The key word is Paragliding.

This is a relatively new sport in which you can fly during long periods using only a sort of parachute conected at a chair. No engine is involved. I’ve wanted to try paragliding for quite a long time and I've decided I will.

I used to thought that it would be too difficult to get started on such a discipline but, fortunately, I was wrong. There are many professional instructors who offer “baptism flights” at good prices. In those kind of flights, they use a tandem paraglide where you, first timer, only have to care about enjoying the view.

As soon as I was told about this option, I booked for my “baptism flight” which should be carried out the next weekend. I hope I am still alive to tell you my expierence on the next issue!


2nd and 3rd prizes. (Mind you, these are in no particular order)

Author: Mariano

I've always wanted to do snowboard

Have you ever tried to jump over a mountain with nothing but a piece of wood? It has to be an amazing experience, but certainly not easy.

There are many reasons to try. Think about the places to do it, the conection with nature, the rush of adrenaline when you’re in your way down. You may think there are reasons to avoid doing it: it is risky and fear is an option!

For me, it’s about facing our fears and cross the line between a nice holiday time and an unforgettable adventure. I’ve never stand on skis but with a bit of trainning and the right equipment I'll be ready for action.

All in all, is easier to write than to do snowboard. Either way, is easier to fall down than to jump... But don’t you think it’s worthy to try? Would you get up and go on after the first hit in your face? Of course you will, because it’s more embarrassing to remain down!


Author: Nick

Chess is available at night

Have you ever thought in becoming a chess player? If you have, don’t waste your time and join our new after-school classes club.

It’s a great opportunity for those who never practice this sport, but always wanted to. The tower, the horse and the queen will be no longer extrangers for you.

Also you will meet excellent people, and why not make some friends. Actually, this is one of the aims of the club: to create a place, where we can have fun and move our brains. All at the same time.

So if you want to enroll, don’t forget to put your name on the list, that will be available in your classroom. Your teachers will provide extra information and answer all your questions. So, are you ready?


Important Note: Works have been transcribed without the teacher’s corrections; they naturally include slips of the pen. Regarding Chess is available at night, the chess expert in the group suggests changing the words “tower” for "rook" and “horse” for “knight”. You may add your own comments below.

The articles presented in this posting are property of their authors and have been reproduced with permission. Surnames have been avoided for the sake of privacy.


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